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Home Lockdown (Coronavirus) Discount!

Well, we are all in this together, staying home, avoiding contact with other human beings and avoiding any more bad news. But the good news is your stuck at home and that can only mean one thing: Quality Garage TimeĀ®!

If you’ve got extra time to be out in the garage catching up on your projects, then we are here to help! For a limited time, we are doing an AUTOMATIC 10% off ANY order of $200 or more!

Just shop for what you want and you’ll see the 10% Coronavirus Discount on your shopping cart when you check out. Then just sit back and wait for it to be delivered to your door and *POOF* you’ll be able to make some real progress on your projects.

Thank you and we look forward to this all being over!

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Who Doesn’t Love a 1968 Arctic Cat Panther?

Who Doesn't Love The 1968 Arctic Cat Panther?

Arctic Cat came up with a huge winner in 1968 that would set the pace for consumer and race sleds for almost a decade.

With the use of a lot of aluminum to lighten it up and the new slide-rail suspension, the beloved Panther could go a lot faster for a lot longer using less horsepower and fuel in the process.

She was a big winner in the 1968 races, including a huge win when Dale Cormican won the Winnipeg to St. Paul I-500 race.

It was a massive hit with consumers, and now vintage collectors and riders rank it as one of their very favorite snowmobiles of all time.

Did you know we have the very best in Panther Parts available?

Yes we do, from tunnels to hoods and everything in between.
Don’t see what you need? Call us at (320) 248-5577!

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NEW Category Listings!

In order to make the website easier to use, we have restructured our parts to be under a wider range of categories.

Want to find seat snaps? Click on theĀ Seats category. We’ve got new categories for hoods, rear suspension parts, windshields and all our Kitty Kat parts.. and a whole lot more.

We hope this will make the site easier to use.. and as always, we are open to questions, feedback or your ideas on how to make Arctic Restorations the best it can be.

Thanks and enjoy some Quality Garage Time today!

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Jerry’s NOS Cat Parts

PSSSST! Looking for NOS Cat Parts? Well my friend Jerry has tons of the stuff!

Jerry Legatt and I started Arctic Restorations over a decade ago. In that time, we saw two different businesses in what we were doing. Reproduction parts vs NOS (New Old Stock) parts. While making reproduction parts can be very costly and time consuming, hunting down, buying and taking care of NOS parts can be as well.

So over a year ago, we decided it made more sense to split it up. Ever since then, I (Bill Adams) have been handling the reproduction side, while Jerry is still doing the NOS parts.. and he’s got a TON of them. Be sure to check with him on your next project!

Looking for NOS Cat parts? Visit Jerry’s all new website!

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No Longer Shipping to Canada

First of all, THANK YOU to our loyal Canadian customers for your support. However, due to the complexity of shipping items into Canada, we are very sorry to announce that we are no longer shipping to Canada.

We are still VERY happy to help our Canadian customers out. Here’s how we can still get your items to you:

  • Local pickup here in Rice, Minnesota
  • Pick up your item(s) from one of the many shows we go to every year.
  • Have someone you know pick up your items locally, and they can ship them to you.
  • We know this is an inconvenience, but with the outlandish costs of shipping into Canada, it’s going to save you some money to do it this way. It’s also going to save us all the extra time dealing with the forms and items that magically go missing in customs.

    Thank you! Bill Adams.